Biden Regime Turns Back Illegal Aliens at Border, But Allows 30,000 Invaders to Arrive by Air Monthly

Over the past month, the United States government has been using Wuhan virus pandemic restrictions to quickly turn back Cuban, Haitian, and Nicaraguan illegal aliens who reach the US-Mexico border.  Biden first made an announcement about this policy on January 5, 2023.

That said, the Biden regime will allow 30,000 nationals from the aforementioned countries and Venezuela to invade the country by air on a monthly basis.

“This new process is orderly, it’s safe and it’s humane,” President Joe Biden stated. Biden’s message to migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua or Haiti who don’t have a US sponsor consisted of the following : “Do not just show up at the border.”

The Biden regime’s plan is part of a broader campaign to prevent record numbers of border crossers from penetrating the US and address political and humanitarian concerns that have plagued the Biden regime since Biden was installed in office in January 2021.  

“These actions alone are not going to fix our entire immigration system,” Biden commented. However, he said they could “help a good deal.”

Under Biden’s recent plan, Mexico is expected to accept 30,000 expelled migrants monthly from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, per a fact sheet that the White House published. Back in November, border patrol officials encountered 82,000 migrants from the aforementioned countries at the border with Mexico, per US government data.

Migrants who cannot be sent back to Mexico will then be forced to undergo a rapid deportation process known as “expedited removal,” per a senior official.

While border crossings should be stopped, it’s unacceptable for migrant invaders to penetrate the US via air. In fact, because of the relative cheapness of air travel, billionaire oligarchs such as George Soros can help finance massive amounts of flights for migrants coming from this country to help accelerate the Great Replacement. 

This has to be stopped. The US must secure its border on all fronts — air, land, and sea. Any blindspot will be exploited by Open Borders Inc much to the detriment of the Historic American Nation. 

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