Biden Regime Wants To Spend Roughly $1 Million On University “Disinformation” Surveillance Program

In the past few weeks, the Biden regime has launched an initiative to fight disinformation, malinformation, and misinformation in the education sector. 

The Department of Justice agency the National Institute for Justice (NIJ) is spearheading the funding campaign that is allegedly used to study and investigate “effective technologies and tools for identification, moderation, and/or removal of extremist content.”

A grant valued at $1 million will be spent to build a dashboard featuring a disinformation, malinformation, and misinformation tracker, which is supposed to snoop on the internet for both speech, and narratives, in a real time manner. The project’s official title is, “Networks and Pathways of Violent Extremism: Effectiveness of Mis/Disinformation Campaigns.”

According to reports, the targeted speech is dealing with “contentious political events.” 

The recipient of the grant is Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. Researchers there are expected to design computer models that will keep tabs on accounts singled out as disinformation, malinformation, and misinformation disseminators and identify people connected with the alleged spread of the aforementioned forms of information.

When the Biden regime talks about disinformation, malinformation, and misinformation, it’s really referring to any speech that threatens its narratives on a host of issues ranging from the Wuhan virus pandemic to Israeli influence in American politics. This type of speech obviously threatens the ruling class, which absolutely despises genuine dissent. 

That’s why the powers that be try to do everything possible — from legislative means to private initiatives — to attack free speech. The Right must get hip to these new threats and start firmly resisting them wherever it can.

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