Biden Regime’s Former “Disinformation” Czar Forges New Alliance With Liberal Agitators

Nina Jankowicz, the former head of the Biden regime’s now-defunct “Disinformation Governance Board,” is partnering with liberal operatives to lead a new non-profit organization that is tasked with “increasing the cost of lies that undermine our democracy.”

The American Sunlight Project, recently sent a letter to the Republican-controlled House Oversight and Judiciary Committees on April 22 taking them to task for their probe of individuals and organizations advocating for censorship. Although the group emphasized its bipartisan credentials, its staff and advisory board are mostly made up of alumni of left-wing activist organizations.

Jankowicz spearheaded a venture pushed by the Department of Homeland Security to crack down on alleged disinformation by setting up the “Disinformation Governance Board” in 2022. The project was shut down a few months later after it received massive criticism for its advocacy for censorship.

“Rather than police our border, Homeland Security has decided to make policing Americans’ speech its top priority,” Missouri Senator Josh Hawley said about the board. This demonstrates the anarcho-tyrannical nature of the American state which punishes the behavior of law-abiding individuals 

Jankowicz is a nasty creature. She represents the worst of DC culture, especially its permanent bureaucratic class. Such parasitic individuals have to be punished for their dastardly behavior lest we want our polity to decay.

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