Biden Shows Up Late to Medal of Honor Award Ceremony, Says Gold Star Hero’s Name Wrong

President Joe Biden showed up nearly 40 minutes late to a scheduled Medal of Honor award ceremony at the White House on Thursday, going on to say the name of a deceased Iraq War hero wrong before giving the award.

SFC Alwyn Cashe was one of three Army Soldiers who were awarded the highest American military award on Thursday. He was joined by MSG Earl Plumlee and SFC Christopher Celiz. Celiz and Cashe received the award for military heroism which involved their own deaths in combat, with Plumlee surviving Afghanistan War injuries to receive the award in person.

Biden said Cashe’s name wrong before presenting his award, referring to the Iraq War veteran who was killed after rescuing five soldiers from a burning Humvee in 2005. Biden referred to Cashe as “Chase.”

Sometimes the President is bound to be late to events, but a Medal of Honor award ceremony is probably one of the few events in which the President’s best off appearing at a timely manner.

Biden even went on to heavily struggle with the name of his own Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, in a thoroughly memory-challenged public appearance.

The Medal of Honor awards for Cashe and Plumlee were 17 and 7 years in the making, with the process for awarding the decoration very complicated.

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