Biden Will Introduce Amnesty, Citizenship Legislation for 12+ Million Illegal Aliens on Day One

President-elect Joe Biden will introduce amnesty legislation for the more than eleven million illegal aliens residing in the United States on the first day of his presidency, according to pro-illegal immigration activists. The legislation will contain a means to provide citizenship to nearly every alien in the country, which they’ll receive through a glorified paperwork process.

It’s expected that the illegals who will qualify for amnesty will be as many as eleven to twenty million, with estimates varying widely over the number of aliens in the United States. Biden has pledged to forego deportation for any alien in the country, with the exception of those convicted of felonies.

If the king-sized amnesty bill fails to get anywhere, Democrats have prepared a more reserved plan to legalize more than 5 million illegals they’re defining as essential workers. Congressional Democrats have varying opinions on the prospects of passing major immigration amnesty legislation, with Biden’s primary focus likely to be placed upon coronavirus relief, a split Senate, and a razor-thin Democratic House majority.

Immigration activists have demanded that nearly every illegal alien in the country be provided United States citizenship within five years, while Kamala Harris reportedly revealed the Biden amnesty plan will require those who flouted the law to wait for eight years.

Biden is likely to sign a glut of executive orders providing leniency to illegal aliens, including an extension of the DACA program that’s been continuously litigated over throughout Donald Trump’s presidency.

Migrant caravans have already begun the journey from Central America to the United States, eager to receive free welfare and citizenship benefits from a incoming President who has promised to make generous concessions to illegal aliens.

Drug cartel-affiliated smugglers have already begun advertising chances to infiltrate the United States to potential migrants, claiming that they’ll have free reign over the border as President Donald Trump leaves office.

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