Biden’s DHS Redefining Illegal Aliens as “Undocumented Individuals”

Axios reported on Tuesday that Joe Biden is requiring government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security to cease using the term “illegal alien,” instead identifying those that violate America’s immigration laws as “undocumented individuals” or “noncitizens.”

The term illegal alien originates in US code, and remains legal language under the Immigration and Nationality Act. Attempts on the part of the Democratic Party to strike it from the law and define US citizenship to apply globally are unlikely to pass Congress, although Biden can mandate politically correct language in government as President.

DHS officials mandated the change in an email sent to officials of US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Acting director Tracy Renaud cited a perceived need for “more inclusive language in the agency’s outreach efforts, internal documents and in overall communication with stakeholders, partners and the general public.

As customary with far-left Democrats, “stakeholders” are defined as globalist oligarchs thirsty for a flow of cheap labor, ethnic-greviance lobby groups, and Democratic politicians eager to enlist millions of new potential voters. The average American citizen- for whom amnesty and illegal immigration represent a critical threat to jobs and wages- remains a non-factor.

Leftists began pushing the “undocumented immigrant” narrative in the early 2010’s, in an attempt to distract from the legal implications of the compromised US border and immigration system. As recently as the 1990’s, Democrats even touted of their policy proposals to deport illegal aliens and uphold a lawful system of immigration restriction.

The move is the latest in a series of Presidential actions intended to enshrine Biden’s ‘America Last’ approach in US law. Biden’s open borders policy changes have incited the formation of at least two migrant ‘caravans’ in Mexico and Central America, with migrants from the countries assured they’ll be provided with United States residency, welfare and public services with Biden in office. The Democrat has promised to deliver citizenship to more than 11 million illegal aliens, although administration personnel have recently and quietly sought to discourage mass-scale caravans from traveling to the border during the coronavirus epidemic.

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