Biden’s DOJ Goons Have Been Embedded at Polling Locations in Battleground States During Today’s Election

The Biden regime will be deploying goons from the Department of Justice (DOJ) to “monitor” elections in crucial battleground states during today’s elections

The feds are conducting these operations to harass poll challengers and potentially accuse them of civil rights violations for pointing out improprieties and failures in the ballot-tabulating process. This surveillance operation is severely ramped up from 2022, as the DOJ will be active in 24 states during the midterms.

Some of the areas on the monitoring list include fraud centers that saw tons of suspect ballots come in at the dead of night and swing the total toward Biden during the 2020 presidential election. These areas being monitored by DOJ today include Cobb County, Ga., Fulton County, Ga., Gwinnett County, Ga, City of Detroit, Mich., City of Flint, Mich., City of Grand Rapids, Mich., Luzerne County, Penn., Philadelphia County, Penn., City of Milwaukee, Wisc., and City of Racine, Wisc.

“The decision on when to send election monitors is based upon the facts and circumstances on the ground with respect to a particular jurisdiction in a particular election. For example, in some places, it may be primarily monitoring for language accessibility under the ‘Voting Rights Act,'” an unnamed Justice Official official said about the monitoring program. “In other places, it may be primarily monitoring for disability accessibility….In still other places, it may include questions about possible discrimination or intimidation.”

At least one election official is nullifying the federal overreach and refusing to let the DOJ conduct its suspicious monitoring activity in their jurisdiction. Cole County, Mo. Clerk Steve Korsmeyer said “the DOJ won’t be allowed into our polling locations,” and is accusing the DOJ of breaking Missouri state law with its monitoring scheme.

Missouri attorney general Jay Ashcroft agrees with Korsmeyer and is standing up for the people against federal overreach:

“While the U.S. DOJ could clearly learn a lot from Missouri about non-partisanship and how to administer accessible, secure and credible elections, it would be highly inappropriate for federal agents to violate the law by intimidating Missouri voters at the polls on Election Day,” Ashcroft wrote in a Tweet.

“Under Missouri law, the local election authority is empowered to decide who, other than voters and poll workers, may be at polling locations. Cole County Clerk Steve Korsmeyer has rightfully declined to allow this over-reach and the secretary of state’s office fully supports him,” he continued.

“If the DOJ desires to meet to discuss this matter further, they may meet at my office instead of trying to bully a hard working county official,” he added.

Red states need to interpose themselves against the tyranny of the Biden administration whenever necessary. This sort of meddling from the DOJ is unacceptable and may be the pretense to set up another election steal.

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