BIG BROTHER: Australia Bans Man From Accessing Internet Following Mosque Killings

The terrorist spree killer Brenton Tarrant wrote in his disgusting manifesto that he hoped his murderous rampage at two New Zealand mosques would galvanize governments of the world to overreact causing a chain reaction radicalizing more people to commit violent acts.

Sadly, it looks like Tarrant may be getting his wish as the Australian and New Zealand governments both rush to enact Big Brother crackdowns on civil liberties following his attacks. Australia has even banned a man from the internet completely after the state determined he no longer should have free speech.

The man is also being charged for possessing pistols and other weapons for self-defense purposes that he claims he obtained legally.

ABC Australia reports on how the Orwellian Nightmare is unfolding in the land down under:

An Adelaide man has been banned from using the internet after allegedly making comments on social media in support of the Christchurch terrorist attack.

Chad Vinzelberg’s alleged online comments prompted police to raid the 37-year-old man’s northern suburbs property on Friday.

They allegedly discovered a replica pistol, which was loaded with a single bullet, two flick knives, an extendable baton under Vinzelberg’s bed, and a medieval mace and a crossbow in his shed.

In an interview with police, Mr Vinzelberg said he thought he had acquired the weapons legally.

Mr Vinzelberg was charged with four counts of possessing prohibited weapons and one count of possessing prescribed equipment.

A police prosecutor told the Elizabeth Magistrates Court that Mr Vinzelberg posed a genuine concern for the safety of the community and that authorities were undertaking further investigations in relation to other devices located at his address.

This accompanies news that Telstra, Australia’s leading provider for internet services, capriciously took down certain websites following the shooting – setting a dangerous precedent that can be exploited in the future.

Individuals who share livestreams of the killer’s rampage can be charged with thought crimes and face years behind bars, and a teenager may pay the price with a lengthy prison sentence as a result of Australia’s totalitarian clamp down on digital speech.

Meanwhile, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Aldern used the incident to virtue signal. She dawned the hijab, a worldwide symbol of female oppression, to demonstrate to Muslims worldwide that her nation is ripe for conquest.

The tyrannical response from the Australian and New Zealand governments toward their people is likely going to fuel more extremism as radical Islamists plot revenge attacks. The big winner from this overreaction is the loathesome Tarrant, who is watching these wretchedly incompetent government officials dance to his tune from his jail cell.

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