“Big Business Hates Your Family:” Tucker Carlson Savages Corporate Libertarians at National Conservatism Conference

Primetime Fox News host and populist commentator Tucker Carlson savaged the conservative establishment in a groundbreaking speech at last week’s National Conservatism Conference in DC.

Carlson took a torch to the conventional ‘free-market’ wisdom espoused by Republicans for decades at the conference, which was put on by “Virtue of Nationalism” author Yarom Hazony.

In the hour long speech, Tucker questioned the virtues of a socio-economic system in which big businesses take in massive annual profits, but average working-class Americans of all demographics find it increasingly harder to afford raising families and becoming homeowners, elements of American life taken for granted by previous generations.

Tucker made it clear that the primary threat to conservative Americans no longer primarily comes from ‘big government,’ but private companies under the domination of corrupt oligarchs like George Soros, the Koch brothers, and Mark Zuckerberg.

The main threat… to your ability to live your life as you choose does not come from the government anymore, but comes from the private sector.” 

Watch Tucker’s groundbreaking speech here:

It should bother people on the right,” Tucker remarked about unchecked corporate power. “But it doesn’t… Because again, their minds are captive to an antiquated way of looking at the world. The ‘build-your-own-Google way.'”

Tucker did throw some ice water on the prospect of a future Presidential bid in 2024, making it clear that his kids would figuratively kill him if became a candidate for the office.

Lifelong warhawk and White House National Security Advisor John Bolton was presented as the conference’s other keynote speaker. Bolton’s remarks appear to have been comparatively ignored in the light of Tucker’s speech, meriting a mere 662 views on the conference’s YouTube channel, well behind Tucker’s 10,000.

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