Big Corporations Like Dick’s, Lyft,and Postmates Became Founding Members for Gabby Giffords’ New Gun Control Venture

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords recently rolled out a new civilian disarmament organization that now counts on the patronage of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lyft, and Postmates to promote gun control laws.

The “Giffords Impact Network” was revealed on March 4, 2021 and its goal is “to leverage corporate brand-power and resources” to advance anti-Second Amendment legislative efforts.

So far, the “founding partners” of the Giffords Impact Network consist of Dick’s Sporting Goods, TOMS, Kenneth Cole, Levi Straus, Amalgamated Bank, Mesirow, Lyft, Postmates, and Northwell Health. 

Giffords talked about this unholy alliance with Big Business:

“Gun safety isn’t a partisan issue—it’s on all of us to take a stand. Even when legislation stalled in Congress, American businesses stepped up to fight gun violence—not just with words but with actions. This year, Giffords will help companies take next steps to engage with their employees and customers as we continue the work to keep our kids and communities safe.”

AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News called attention to Gabby Gifford’s connection to sitting Arizona Senator Mark Kelly, who is married to her. The Giffords gun control organization is currently backing efforts to push universal background check legislation that Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy has recently sponsored. Under this new bill, UBCs would be expanded to private firearms transactions. Traditionally, UBCs generally covered just retail private sales.

Big business has gone fully woke and feels obliged to push for social leftist causes. What once were institutions that upheld traditional values, or at least remained politically neutral, major corporations are becoming privatized arms of the managerial state.

Over the years, there’s been a creeping trend of corporations jumping on the anti-Second Amendment bandwagon, which illustrates a growing radicalism of Corporate America. What we’re seeing is the crystallization of a woke regime that is committed to using all levers of power — business, cultural, and political — to shut down dissent. 

The most sober course of action any America Firster could take in light of these threats is to stop patronizing businesses who engage in woke politics.

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