Big Democratic Donors are Bankrolling Never Trump “Republican Voters Against Trump” PAC

The Republican Accountability PAC announced an advertising campaign showcasing Republicans standing against former President Donald Trump obtaining the bulk of its funding from Democratic donors in 2023, per Federal Election Commission (FEC) records.

The Republican Accountability PAC is an anti-Trump PAC, which received close to 75% of its donations from only six major Democratic donors, according to FEC figures. Sarah Longwell, executive director of Republican Accountability PAC, announced that “Republican Voters Against Trump,” a campaign the PAC is operating, would be dropping $50 million in six swing states in order to cobble together an “anti-Trump coalition,” The Hill highlighted in a report.

Republican Voters Against Trump’s privacy policy shows that Republican Accountability PAC is its parent organization. The Daily Caller noted that when one clicks on the “donate” link on the campaign’s website, users are subsequently taken to Republican Accountability PAC’s donation page.

Republican Voters Against Trump plans to air amateur testimonials filmed by people who allegedly voted for Trump in past elections, but don’t plan on doing so in 2024, per a report by The Hill.

Despite marketing itself as an anti Trump Republican organization,  Republican Voters Against Trump counts on the financial support of major Democratic donors, according to FEC records.

Big-time Democratic donors, in total, donated north of  $6.1 million to the  Republican Accountability PAC in 2023, FEC records demonstrated. This comprised the overwhelming majority of the $8.1 million total Republican Accountability PAC collected in 2023.

Nearly all the remaining funds donated to the organization in 2023, $2 million in specific, came from Defending Democracy Together. This is another anti-Trump organization led by Longwell and co-founded by ex-Republican and Trump critic Bill Kristol, per FEC records.

Some of the liberal donors to Republican Accountability PAC include tech founder Reid Hoffman, hedge fund manager Seth Klarman, investor John Pritzker, venture capitalist Robert Stavis, and NVIDIA board member Tench Coxe, FEC records highlighted.

All the aforementioned individuals have made significant political donations since 2016, largely to Democratic campaigns and committees connected to Democrats, per FEC records. Klarman, Coxe, Pritzker, Rothhouse, Hoffman and Stavis all donated some amount of money to Republicans and Republican-aligned committees in the last few years. That said, the bulk of their donations have gone over to liberal pet projects.

There’s a clear ruling class in the US that’s very “uniparty” in how they agree on the key issues of anti-white measures, mass migration, and never-ending wars abroad. These people are parasites who want to destroy the Historic American Nation and they should be stripped of all of their powers if the US is to survive as a coherent nation. 

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