BIG: FBI Raids Pennsylvania Nursing Home with Highest COVID-19 Numbers in the State

Federal authorities conducted a raid on the Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center northeast of Pittsburgh on Thursday, hoping to get to the bottom of a scandal in this state that housed COVID-19 patients in nursing homes.

Scott Brady, U.S. Attorney for Pennsylvania’s Western District, made the public announcement about the raid. The Mt. Lebanon Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, another Pittsburgh area nursing home run by the same owners as Brighton, was raided as well. Brady is urging anyone with information about abuse or fraud to come forward to authorities.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced last month that the facility was being investigated because of “deeply troubling” reports of abuses.

“I can confirm that Brighton is one of the subjects of our criminal investigations into neglect at nursing homes during the pandemic,” Shapiro wrote in a tweet.

447 residents and staff members tested positive for COVID-19 at the Brighton facility alone, with a total of 73 people dying. They are denying culpability in any corruption.

Brighton said in an official statement that they have “faith that federal, state and local governments, which dictate the required infectious disease control practices and policies, continue to grow in their understanding and ability to support, guide and direct those who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“We will leave the readers to determine why some politicians seek ‘investigations’ into people and facilities instead of looking at governmental response to better their directives,” the statement added.

A report from Sept. 2019 from state health officials warned about substandard sanitary conditions at the facility. They also noted that there were not enough trained nurses on the premises and some residents were living in appalling conditions. This, along with the Pennsylvania directive to house COVID-19 patients in nursing homes, led to a disaster resulting in the painful, lonely deaths of the most vulnerable.

Big League Politics has reported about the Trump administration’s push to get answers for why Pennsylvania and other states housed COVID-19 patients in nursing homes:

The Trump administration is demanding information from Democrat state governors who housed COVID-19 patients in nursing homes, resulting in needless pain, suffering and death for the most vulnerable.

The Department of Justice said on Wednesday that they are requesting answers from states “that issued orders which may have resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home residents.”

One of the culprits – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan – is standing by her policies and claiming that the Trump administration is wrong for demanding answers.

“The fact that this letter was sent during the middle of the Republican National Convention week to four Democratic governors should make it crystal clear that this is nothing more than election year politics by an administration that is more concerned with the president’s re-election campaign than protecting Michigan seniors,” Whitmer said in a statement late Wednesday…

Another culprit – Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York – is also refusing to comply with investigators and blaming Republicans for his decisions that killed countless elderly people.

“There are about 14 states in the country that followed the same CDC guidance. The letter only went to four Democratic states. This is all politics,” he said.

However, what Cuomo is saying is patently false. New Jersey and Pennsylvania are the only two other states that sent COVID-19 patients to nursing homes. This is why they are now being investigated by the feds.

Democrats have to keep the COVID-19 mass hysteria going because admitting it was a hoax would mean they would be held accountable for their multitude of crimes throughout the scamdemic.

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