Big Issues like the Flood of Illegal Aliens and the National Debt Were Ignored at CPAC

Several organizations were disappointed following the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

The theme of this year’s CPAC was “America vs. Socialism.” After all, this is an election cycle with a self-described democratic socialist in Bernie Sanders running for office.

Billy Binion of Reason wrote “notably absent from the CPAC agenda was anything pertaining to the debt, deficit, or current levels of absurd government spending—an odd choice for a conference that sought to position itself as a banner carrier for responsible fiscal policy.”

Instead, the conference focused around “incendiary characters like Diamond and Silk, Charlie Kirk, and Candace Owens, who do more to caricature the Right than provide constructive policy ideas. “

When it came to substance, this conference did not deliver whatsoever.

Binion highlighted what was truly missing about America’s growing deficit:

“Trump has ‘fully embraced the idea that deficits don’t matter,’ writes Steven Greenhut for Reason, with fantastical budget proposals that fail to right America’s fiscal ship. His 2021 budget, for instance, requests $4.8 trillion in spending—a 21 percent increase from when Trump took office.”

Binion concluded by stating that “’America vs. Socialism,’ it turns out, was real-life clickbait.”

Reason posted a brief snippet of this article on Twitter, tweeting “Notably absent from the CPAC agenda was anything pertaining to the debt, deficit, or current levels of absurd government spending.”

This tweet prompted a response from the Twitter account of Center for Immigration Studies who said “Also absent was anything about the excessively high level of immigration.”

Indeed, both immigration and mass migration are some of the biggest issues confronting America.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, there are 14.3 million illegal aliens, which cost American taxpayers $132 billion annually.

The national debt stands at $23 trillion at the moment.

However, the immigration question has a civilizational quality to it.

Based on the voting patterns of migrants coming to America after the 1965 Immigration Act, traditional American freedoms such as private gun ownership and freedom of speech could be potentially under threat once these migrants and their descendants become full-blown political participants.

For that reason, GOP voters view immigration as the #1 issue heading into November 2020, according to a BLP report.

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