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Big League Politics Reporter BANNED From Twitter For Rule He Never Broke



Big League Politics Reporter Banned Twitter

Big League Politics reporter Peter D’Abrosca was banned from Twitter for “rules against evading permanent suspension,” even though this is his first time being suspended on the platform. 

With little explanation, Big League Politics reporter Peter D’Abrosca discovered he was permanently banned from Twitter this afternoon, with the platform alleging that his Twitter account was used to evade a permanent suspension from the platform. D’Abrosca had never received even a temporary suspension from the platform prior to today.

Without any prior warning or previous suspensions on the platform, D’Abrosca received a notification informing him he would be permanently suspended for “Violating [Twitter’s] rules against evading permanent suspension.”

D’Abrosca and Big League Politics have attempted to contact Twitter to learn more about why the Big Tech platform decided to ban the conservative journalist and social media influencer and did not receive an immediate response.

This ban occurred on the heels of Big League Politics contributor Laura Loomer’s permanent suspension from the platform last month, when Twitter bowed to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and banned Loomer at its command. Loomer famously handcuffed herself to Twitter’s headquarters in protest, sparking national news over allegations of political censorship.

Twitter temporarily stopped translating tweets from Hebrew in the following days.

As the tech giant attempts to strangle Big League Politics’ voice on the platform, it has allowed the overwhelming majority of users who posted death threats and dox requests against the Covington Catholic High School students framed as racists last week to keep their accounts.

Political commentator C.J. Pearson has accumulated a database with over 20,000 such tweets posted by verified Twitter users, in a movement he calls #VerifiedBullies.

Apparently too effective of a journalist and influencer for Twitter to allow on its platform, D’Abrosca can still be found on Gab and on Facebook.


DHS Secretary Chad Wolf Labels Twitter Censorship as a National Security Threat

Twitter has been put on notice.



Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf labeled Twitter’s use of political and ideology as a national security threat on Friday.

Wolf explained how Twitter’s avaricious censorship represented a security threat to DHS operations in a lengthy letter to Jack Dorsey. He cited the recent censorship of senior Customs and Border Patrol Official Mark Morgan, whom Twitter had censored after he pointed out the effectiveness of a new border wall in deterring illegal alien crime and drug and human smuggling.

Read the letter here.

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Wolf argued that “it should not be up to corporate bureaucrats to determine what security information the American public receives” when pointing out the national security threat of online censorship.

Wolf’s designation of Twitter’s censorious practices as a national security threat may lay the groundwork for federal officials to revoke the San Francisco company’s section 230 protections and open it to liability for acting as a publisher.

The freeze on Commissioner Morgan’s Twitter account was lifted after an outcry against the censorship. Twitter had claimed his tweets about the imperative of the border wall were promoted “hatred.”

A company that censors one of America’s frontline immigration law enforcement agencies is working with transnational criminal and smuggling organizations that have not only enriched themselves through trafficking illegal immigrants, but through the transit of opioids that have created an unmatched drug crisis in American communities.

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