Big League Politics Will Provide Livestream Coverage of Stop the Steal Rally at 11am

Big League Politics
Big League Politics

Big League Politics will be on the ground today in Washington D.C to cover the historic rally to stop the vote steal that is planned while congressmen and senators intend to challenge the electoral college certification.

People are already arriving in the city, and there has been a great deal of strife and conflict with Trump supporters enraged that police are allowing ANTIFA to commit terror while punishing them for fighting back:

Reporters will be on the ground looking to interview major figures as well as grassroots patriots who traveled from across the country to attend the momentous event. The coverage will also be the debut of the Big League Politics Live video series. The livestream is scheduled to stream from the @DetroitLeaks Twitter page as well as the official Big League Politics Twitter page beginning at 11am.

The introduction video for BLP Live can be seen here on Rumble.

The speech from that video is transcribed as follows:

Hi there, my name is Shane Trejo, and I am going to be the main host of Big League Politics Live. Our website has been on the cutting edge of digital news for years, breaking many stories that have forced the mainstream press to cover the truth, and now we are expanding into video. Since the election, we have seen that many nominally conservative news outlets are not exactly conservative. They have rolled over, ignored the thousands of credible whistleblowers, and excused grotesque fraud. Big League Politics has done the exact opposite. We exposed the color revolution coup that was in the works before the election, then scooped a poll training in Detroit in which workers were being trained to lie to poll challengers and use COVID as an excuse to deny them their rights. We have been threatened and maligned as a result of our fearless reporting, but we refuse to back down. This is why we are expanding rapidly. We are going to be LIVE at the Washington D.C. rally tomorrow covering the historic events that are set to take place. Then, starting next week, we are going to have multiple interviews per week with newsmakers involved in the populist revolution making America great again. We will have videos available on alternative platforms as well, not just YouTube, so our content cannot be censored by Big Tech. Great things are ahead. Stay tuned.

2021 is set to be a major year for independent media, and Big League Politics intends to take the reigns.

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