BIG LEAGUE TV: Laura Loomer Talks Linda Sarsour, Jihad In America, and the ‘Red-Green Alliance’ Between Radical Islam and the Radical Left

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer responds to Women’s March founder Teresa Shook’s call for Linda Sarsour to step down as co-chairwoman of the March for Sarsour’s embrace of racism and anti-Semitism, among other reasons. With Sarsour’s allies gaining power in Congress, we look at the Jihad threat inside the United States. Left-wing protest groups like Antifa are under the microscope. Are left-wing socialists working with jihadist elements, and what is their objective?

The Jewish Voice reported amidst the chaos of Election 2018:

“Things got crazy and dangerous quickly at a political event when someone elected to congress assaulted a journalist who was just trying to ask her questions. Rashida Tlaib was the attacker and is a Palestinian Muslim from Michigan. She went after a Jewish journalist, Laura Loomer, at an event last weekend for U.S. Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar in Minnesota, Big League Politics reports.

Loomer was not only assaulted but also had her phone stolen.

Big League Politics adds its opinion on the situation, saying that “in the Middle East, violence against Jews may be tolerable. In America, where Tlaib – running unopposed after her primary win – and is set to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, it is not. In fact, all types of political violence are denounced in America. The violent political left seems to have missed the memo.”

The altercation came after Tlaib was asked by the Jewish reporter about whether or not the terror organization Hamas is in fact a fundamentalist organization that weaponizes terror and violence. Tlaib, who is running to be a lawmaker, was hesitant to give her opinion about a group that the government does deem a terror organization, and she quickly turned violent.

Someone else stepped in to eventually help Loomer by pulling her away from the assailant.

Tlaib went even further by saying the victim was actually stalking her, even though she was just doing her job by asking questions and doing so in a professional and respective manner.

“I’m now going to be a member of Congress, Inshallah,” Tlaib said. “Inshallah” means “God willing” in Arabic, Big League Politics explains.

Loomer didn’t miss a beat and went back to hitting the candidates with a number of questions, undeterred by any sort of threats.”

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