BIG LEAGUE TV: ‘We The People’ Rally Organizer Responds To Antifa Doxxing Him, Throwing Brick Through Window

‘We the People’ rally organizer Zach Rehl, the editor of Sports Beer and Politics, got doxxed by Antifa and had a brick thrown through his window while his wife was at home.

“I’m not going to be intimidated by these clowns,” Rehl said, walking us through what happened and why he is not afraid.

Big League Politics’ Tom Pappert reported:

The Philadelphia man who organized last weekend’s patriotic “We The People” rally had his house vandalized and a brick thrown through his window, narrowly missing his girlfriend’s face.

Zach Rehl tells Big League Politics he has now been doxxed by Antifa twice, with the most recent incident resulting in an attack on his home leaving a broken window, smashed glass, and the word “Nazi” by his front door.

To provoke this, Rehl says he organized a series of “We The People” rallies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. According to Rehl, these rallies celebrate America, and give mainstream conservatives and young people a chance to meet each other in the Democrat stronghold of Philadelphia.

Members of antifa posted fliers with Rehl’s name, address, and a flimsy series of connections and half truths that purportedly proved his racist beliefs throughout downtown Philadelphia last Friday in preparation for a We The People rally, happening the following day near the historic Liberty Bell in downtown Philadelphia.

Rehl says his girlfriend, who he lives with, was sitting in the front room with another friend when the brick came flying through their window.

“It basically just missed her face by inches,” Rehl told Big League Politics. “She ran right to the door to see who it was, and she saw a white pickup truck peel down the street” and the graffiti left by her front door.

“She’s still a little shook about it.”

Rehl filed a police report, and says he is fortunate to be on good terms with many of his neighbors who have video surveillance of their properties, which may help to identify the attacker.

Unwilling to cancel his rally, Rehl held a peaceful We The People rally the following day. However, counter protesters, who were standing near Philadelphia’s National Museum of Jewish History, attacked a Jewish man after mistaking him for a member of the Proud Boys.

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