Big Nothingburger: The Media’s Michael Cohen Tapes

CNN released some audio late Tuesday of President Donald Trump interacting with Michael Cohen, his personal attorney. Apparently, Michael Cohen was taping some Trump conversations, either for safe haven for himself if something ever happened, or because he was an anti-Trump plant for a significant period of time.

Michael Cohen was ostensibly Trump’s fixer on certain things, like arranging a payment for porn star Stormy Daniels, who threatened to come forward with allegations of an affair. But Cohen was secretly taping Trump during this time — something Trump seemed confused about in a recent tweet.

The good news for Trump Nation is that Michael Cohen has nothing of substance, at least in the first entry of his 12-part audio series.

Here is Hannity making clear that it’s a “big dud” regarding the conversation between Trump and Cohen, which implicates Trump in nothing and has no evidence whatsoever that Trump did anything illegal or even improper.

Here’s Rudy Giuliani assuring the public that Cohen will be disbarred for the leak of this time:

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