Big Oil and Ethanol Succeed In Taking Down Scott Pruitt

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has resigned his position, President Donald Trump announced Thursday. The move comes after a weeks-long coordinated effort by big energy interests and the mainstream media reporters in Washington, D.C. to knock him out of office.

Pruitt was accused of over-spending on some personal items, not re-imbursing staffers for credit card charges and other small transgressions that the D.C. reporters pretended were a big deal.

Pruitt’s drive to help America become energy independent with domestic drilling ticked off the Middle East-focused Big Oil companies (President Trump recently told Saudi Arabia to produce more oil to lower prices), and Pruitt also offended the ethanol lobby in Iowa, which is surprisingly powerful.

Big League Politics reported on the anti-Pruitt leaker Kevin Chmielewski, who was fired from EPA after it was discovered that he impersonated a police officer in traffic in Washington, D.C. by putting fake police lights on his car.

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