BIG SISTER: Meet Twitter’s Globalist Foreign-Born Feminist Censorship Commissar

Last week, Twitter was put under the microscope on the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast as their top executives were forced to face tough questions from independent journalist Tim Pool. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared with his legal counsel Vijaya Gadde to jump into the meat grinder.

The results were embarrassing for Twitter, as they were caught in many lies and contradictions:

At one point of the interview, the JRE livestream mysteriously died while Gadde was addressing censorship of conservatives. Investigators at the Clover Chronicle discovered hot mic audio that did not appear on the podcast that can be heard in full here. The transcript is as follows:

Gadde: …Want to follow up on a couple things because they worry me. You mentioned an Antifa account that doxxed policemen. Can you please just send that over to me?

Pool: Uh, [says link].

Gadde: [Repeats link] And then, would you DM me the accounts that you said have threatened you?

Pool: No. I believe in minimizing harm and if… so, when Patreon…

Gadde: How about this. I won’t take action on the… but I want to understand why you didn’t take action on them and I can’t learn from that unless you [inaudible].

Pool: So, uh, when Lauren Southern got banned from Patreon, a lot of people were…

Rogan(?): Hold on. Stop! Everybody out of the room! This is streaming and it’s frozen. Something’s wrong.

Gadde was present during the entirety of the interview to run interference for Dorsey. She has risen to become one of the most influential employees of the corporation. In addition to being legal counsel, she serves as treasurer of Twitter’s political action committee suggesting that her connections to government officials are numerous and influential.

The information on her own Twitter account bolsters that theory.

A more in-depth look into Gadde’s posts shows that she is clearly a full-fledged feminist operative working consciously to manipulate information in a way to promote the globalist agenda.

She has expressed sympathy for the anti-constitutional, anti-American policies of totalitarian gun control:

She parroted the ‘Never Trump’ lies of the fake news merchants at the New York Times:

She also believes in the Russian collusion conspiracy theory and spreads her brand of neo-McCarthyism to her followers:

Although George Orwell warned of Big Brother choking our freedoms, it may be Big Sister who ultimately comes to destroy our rights. Gadde and fellow feminists are fully on board with implementing the Orwellian nightmare.

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