Big Tech Oligarchs Continue Hawaii Land Grab as Longtime Locals Priced Out of Island

Facebook oligarch Mark Zuckerberg has finalized a purchase of 110 acres of agricultural land on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, raising concerns in the community as increasing numbers of native Hawaiians are priced out of living on the islands their families have always lived.

Zuckerberg had purchased 700 acres of beachfront property on the same island in 2014 for more than $100 million, landing holdings he nearly doubled in another $53 million purchase of another 600 acres. Zuckerberg’s latest land purchase is that of a former sugar plantation, increasing his land holdings on the small island to more than 1,300 acres. Zuckerberg has earned the hatred of the local Hawaii community, in one instance building tall rock walls that obstruct the view of the ocean from the main road of a beachside area and employing bogus security guards who harass locals and tourists alike on public use beaches near his luxury mansion.

The pro-censorship oligarch is known for intimidating locals into selling him their land, pursuing legal action against longtime Hawaiians who have inherited undeveloped land that their family has owned for generations.

Corrupt oligarch Jeff Bezos also secured three separate houses on a 14-acre property in Maui at the onset of the pandemic, with coastal elites moving to Hawaii en masse as blue state and cities locked down, determined to avoid the misery that neoliberal ‘global governance’ had begun to inflict on middle-class American citizens. Bezos secured the property in a non-listed sale, with the Amazon megabillionaire notoriously sensitive to criticism in the establishment and independent media. Six Amazon warehouse workers in Illinois, including a decorated Iraq War veteran, were killed by tornadoes that devastated the state and Kentucky when Amazon managers refused to allow the workers to evacuate the premises.

The cost of living and housing has become increasingly expensive on Hawaii, with many native Hawaiians forced to leave their own islands for another state as out-of-state luxury billionaires hoard property and threaten to turn their home into a globalist playground.

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