Big Tech Targets Liberty Icon Ron Paul with ‘Coordinated’ Censorship Campaign on Multiple Platforms

Foreign policy expert Daniel McAdams recently appeared on Big League Politics Live to explain how the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity (RPI) and the Ron Paul Liberty Report have been targeted by the Big Tech commissars in recent weeks for promoting truth about vaccines and U.S. foreign policy.

“It is really infuriating, it is really frustrating,” McAdams said regarding the targeting of his YouTube channel by Big Tech censors, which was eventually overturned.

Even though McAdams and the RPI eventually got their YouTube channel reinstated, the Google-owned monopoly platform did permanently remove a poignant interview between McAdams, Paul and Robert Kennedy Jr., a prominent skeptic of the vaccine regime being implemented on a global basis due to COVID-19.

“It’s all a coordinated effort…but they just basically flip a switch and you’re gone, you disappear,” McAdams explained.

“The one aspect of China we have adopted here is the social credit system… They all gang up on you. You can’t use your PayPal. You can’t use your Mailchimp. You can’t communicate with anyone. You can’t get your money. You can’t get paid. You can’t get your email, etc, etc. You literally just disappear off the face of the Earth,” he added.

Even though McAdams is a proponent of Austrian economics and generally an opponent of the state, he makes the point that Big Tech corporations essentially function as an arm of the government and should not be considered private companies.

“This is not a private company exercising its private rights as a private company,” McAdams said of Big Tech firms, noting how most of the biggest tech monopolies are soaking up billions of dollars in federal contracts.

“They are doing the bidding of governments… They’re censoring the views that the government doesn’t want you to hear… Why does it always dovetail with what the government wants? Why don’t they ever censor in a way that would tick off the government, that would tick off the elites? Well, that doesn’t happen,” he added.

McAdams argued that conservatives are “equally dumb” as libertarians for thinking that the Big Tech censorship campaign is centered around stopping their point of view. He believes that the agenda is much more overarching than just being focused on censoring one particular perspective.

“What it’s out to do is take the window of allowable opinion and to shrink it down as small as possible, to get people on the so-called Left and so-called Right, to shrink them out, to freeze them out so that you only have, as [libertarian philosopher and author] Tom Woods would say, the 3-by-5 card of acceptable discourse,” he said.

“And that’s the goal. It’s not a left-wing or right-wing thing. It’s a them-versus-us thing,” McAdams added.

The full BLP Live episode can be seen here:

The official RPI website can be accessed here, and the Ron Paul Liberty Report channel on Rumble can be accessed here.

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