Rep. Biggs, Senate Judiciary Committee Demand Answers from FBI about CNN’s Presence at Roger Stone Arrest

Republicans in the House and in the Senate Judiciary Committee want to know why the FBI sent dozens of heavily armed agents to arrest Roger Stone.

The Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray in regards to the matter, asking for answers about the arrest in the form of testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Representative Andy Biggs (R, AZ) has similarly called for the Department of Justice Inspector General to investigate whether CNN was given advanced warning of the Stone arrest.

The likelihood that the arrest of Stone — who was indicted on charges of lying to Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion probe  — was not orchestrated in conjunction with CNN seems slim, according to many observers.

Stone has not been accused of committing any crime related to the probe’s scope.

Reporters from the cable TV channel were miraculously present outside of Stone’s house the morning of the arrest.  CNN employees attributed this coincidence to  journalistic instinct.

The Internet Mocks CNN

The idea that a reporter working at the notoriously fake news network CNN has so finely honed his instincts so as to be able predict exactly when an FBI raid of a private citizen’s house without being tipped off by some rogue federal agent in the deep-state has been widely mocked all over the internet.

Many commentators and news makers, from Greta Van Susteren to Jeanine Pirro to Donald Trump,  alleged that CNN was tipped off by the feds in an effort to capture embarrassing footage of Stone’s early morning arrest.

Stone has called for someone at CNN swear under oath that the FBI didn’t tip off the leftist news site. Such testimony could, if Stone’s claims are true,  potentially send some CNN staffer to jail for perjury.

CNN denies the claims, and many in the liberal media have defended CNN, labeling the claim a conspiracy.

In addition to other discrepancies related to the arrest, the Committee’s letter to Wray questioned in particular the FBI’s specific interactions with CNN.

It’s not standard operating procedure for the FBI to send a squad of armed agents to the home of a non-violent criminal charged with process violations; it’s possible the agency sought to put on a cable-TV show publicizing their arrest of a Trump-linked political figure.

Paul Manafort, another senior Trump campaign figure indicted by Mueller for crimes unrelated to the Trump campaign, was given the chance to surrender at an FBI office in Washington D.C.

The potentially dangerous arrest of Stone seems consistent with the partisan tendencies of left-wing political operatives who hold leadership posts at the  FBI, dating back to James Comey’s disastrous tenure as the agency’s director and Andrew McCabe’s seeming conflict of interest in helping secure financial assistance from former Virginia Governor and Clinton confidante Terry McAuliffe for McCabe’s wife’s state senate campaign.

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