Bill Allowing Concealed Carry In Schools In Wyoming Is Expected to Become Law

A bill legalizing concealed carry in Wyoming public schools is headed to Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon’s desk.

The legislation in question, HB 125, aims to eliminate gun-free zones for Wyoming residents who legally carry a concealed firearm under Wyoming law.

The law repeals gun-free zones to legalize the concealed carry of firearms in “any public elementary or secondary school facility” and “any public college or university facility.”

More specifically, the law allows the carrying of concealed firearms in “any public school, public college or university athletic event taking place on public property that does not sell alcoholic beverages”. On top of that, the law allows the concealed carry of firearms during “any meeting of a governmental entity” or “any meeting of the legislature or a committee thereof.”

HB 125 does not prevent private property owners from restricting firearms carry on their property.

Schools have become soft targets for mass shooters in recent times owing to the fact that they’re gun-free zones, which allows these deranged individuals to carry out atrocities. Wyoming is ranked #1 in Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owners rankings, so it’s understandable why such legislation would be passed in the state. 

Nevertheless, Wyoming lawmakers are beginning to understand the importance of public safety and not being complacent on gun policy.

Other red states should follow in Wyoming’s footsteps and continue to pass additional gun control reforms.

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