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Bill Clinton Picked Supreme Court Justice While Under Federal Investigation



Former Democratic president Bill Clinton nominated a current Supreme Court justice during the Whitewater investigation into his years of corrupt activities in Arkansas and elsewhere.

While mainstream liberals incredulously cry foul at President Trump nominating Brett Kavanaugh while under the biased, partisan and unsubstantiated Robert Mueller “Russia” investigation, they conveniently forget that Clinton picked a left-wing Supreme Court mainstay while under an actual investigation into his actual criminality.

Undercover Huber explains the timing of Clinton picking Stephen Breyer.

Bill Clinton is a terrible offender when it comes to doing things that modern-day Democrats now clearly wish he did not do because it undermines their talking points against Trump.

Then-sitting president Bill Clinton sent his sexual misconduct accuser Paula Jones an $850,000 check right before his trial in the Senate to remove him from office for lying under oath about his Monica Lewinsky affair.

President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen paid off some women who were prepared to make affair allegations against candidate Trump during the presidential campaign, including pornography actress Stormy Daniels. But none of the funds came from the Trump campaign, and Alan Dershowitz and the White House both confirm what the media already knows: Trump did not break any laws whatsoever, even if he knew about the payments.

Let’s remember Bill Clinton’s check to Paula Jones, which occurred when he was literally the commander in chief, and supposedly came from a blind trust even though the numbers in that trust did not match up with the amount paid.

The New York Times reported on January 13, 1999:

Just as the Senate is about to begin President Clinton’s impeachment trial in earnest, Mr. Clinton sent $850,000 to Paula Corbin Jones today to settle the sexual misconduct lawsuit that started it all.
Clinton Administration officials said a check for $850,000, the amount agreed to in November to settle the case, was being sent by overnight mail to Ms. Jones and her lawyers. The officials, who asked that their names not be used, said that a little more than half of the money, $475,000, came from an insurance policy against civil liability the President held with Chubb Group Insurance. Most, if not all, of the remainder was withdrawn from a blind trust in the name of Mrs. Clinton, which officials said last year had assets of slightly more than $1 million.

A blind trust that is in Mr. Clinton’s name was reported in financial disclosure forms last year to have less than $100,000 in assets. A White House official said that although the trusts were in separate names, they were, in effect, joint accounts.

It was unclear why the amount not covered by insurance was not withdrawn from the Clintons’ legal defense fund as officials had once suggested it would be. A conservative legal organization said it would sue to prevent Mr. Clinton from using that fund to pay the settlement.

The payment ends Mr. Clinton’s involvement in the lawsuit itself, but its repercussions continue as the Senate prepares to hear opening arguments on Thursday in his trial on two articles of impeachment stemming from Ms. Jones’s complaint. It was in a deposition that the President gave in Ms. Jones’s lawsuit last Jan. 17 that he first denied having sexual relations with Monica S. Lewinsky, a former White House intern.


Left-Wing “Sleeping Giants” Deplatforming Activist Apologizes for “Diminishing” Minority Co-Founder

Matt Rivitz “gaslighted” the co-founder out of Sleeping Giants.



Matt Rivitz, the nominal founder of far-left deplatforming organization Sleeping Giants, issued a detailed public apology to a woman who has recently identified herself as a co-founder of the group. Nandini Jammi went public with her claims of being sidelined as a key figure within Sleeping Giants last week, claiming that Rivitz, a San Francisco ad executive, had “gaslighted” her out of public acknowledgment for her role in the organization.

Rivitz’s public apology, released Monday, appeared to largely vindicate her claims, acknowledging that Jammi was a co-founder of the group who had never received the due credit she claimed to have deserved.

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Sleeping Giants is a leftist deplatforming organization that seeks to defund conservative websites by haranguing advertisers over their ad placements on platforms such as Breitbart. Rivitz’s acknowledgment of sidelining the group’s female co-founder- coming only after Jammi published a Medium article that accused Rivitz of erasing her contributions to the group.

I want to show you how a woman of color almost disappeared from the movement she built, and what you can achieve when you refuse to follow the rules your white male “leader” sets for you,” said Jammi of Rivitz’ selfish desire for self promotion. Jammi also published a series of arrogant remarks she attributes to Rivitz, in which the leftist anti-free speech activist curtly told his younger co-founder to know her place.

Curiously, Sleeping Giants is registered as an LLC in California, making it likely that the deplatforming group is a for-profit entity. Rivitz, who went to great lengths to hide his identity as the figure behind the group, was only exposed as Sleeping Giants’ operator after a Breitbart News investigation. It’s still totally unclear who is funding the organization.

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