Bill Clinton: Sex With Monica Lewinsky Was To “Manage Anxiety”

Bill Clinton is set to explain his affair with Monica Lewinsky in an upcoming Hulu documentary series premiering on Friday, excusing his infamous White House affair with intern Monica Lewinsky by stating he wanted to “manage his anxiety.”

The 42nd President states he viewed speaking to Lewinsky as something that cleared his mind when dealing with the responsibilities of the Presidency.

The documentary, ‘Hillary’ primarily focuses on his wife, the failed Presidential candidate. The former President also speaks in previously unseen personal terms about the adultery scandal that rocked his presidency and led to a failed impeachment trial.

Hillary explains her reaction to Bill’s adultery and lying in the documentary, stating that she initially believed Bill’s dishonest account of his interactions with Lewinsky.

I was just devastated. I could not believe it. I was so personally just hurt and I can’t believe this, I can’t believe you lied.

Hillary will reveal that she and her husband underwent “painful” marriage counseling in the aftermath of the scandal.

Bill has become far more controversial on the increasingly puritan left in recent years, with some arguing that his affair with a young intern was inherently exploitative on the basis of his position of power. Bill apologizes to Lewinsky in the documentary, stating that it’s “terrible” their workplace affair “defined her life.”

Clinton’s increasingly lackluster reputation on the left could be a rationale for his previously unseen explanation of the Lewinsky affair, hoping to defend his reputation in an era where some have taken to likening him as a workplace predator.

The Hulu documentary series will air in four parts.

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