Bill de Blasio’s Daughter Arrested at New York ANTIFA Protest

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter was arrested at a Manhattan ANTIFA protest on Saturday night. The New York Post claimed to have been briefed on the matter by law enforcement sources.

Chiara de Blasio was allegedly engaging in a road-blocking tactic, in which leftist rioters stand in the midst of a public street and refuse to move, blocking the roadway to traffic. The protest in which she had been participating in had been ruled an unlawful assembly by the New York Police Department, and she was arrested at around 10:30PM when she refused to leave the road following police commands.

That was a real hotspot, police cars were getting burned there,” described the Post’s law enforcement source, underscoring the danger posed by the progressive activist’s stunt. “People were throwing and yelling, fighting with cops. There were thousands of people in that area at that time.

Mayor de Blasio himself had been going through the motions of calling on the rioters to disperse and cease committing crimes that very night, while proving unable to prevent his own daughter from rioting.

De Blasio isn’t the only member of the metropolitan political elite to be arrested for crimes committed during New York’s race riots. Two lawyers, one of them an Ivy League-educated associate of a prestigious corporate law firm named Colinford Mattis, were arrested on Sunday for attempting to incinerate a police vehicle with molotov cocktail devices.

De Blasio was given a court appearance ticket and released from jail. It’s doubtful that many of the leftist rioters are even going to face serious judicial consequences anyway, considering they’ve got the entire legal and judicial establishment aligned behind their pro-establishment vision.

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