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Bill Gates Credits China for ‘Very Quick’ Coronavirus Response…Even Though They Attacked Whistleblowers, Stalled for Weeks, and Worsened the Crisis by 95 Percent



As the Chinese coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the world, the globalist class continues to shill for them and hail their response to the pandemic.

Vaccine-pushing technocrat Bill Gates bowed before his Chinese masters while denigrating the U.S. response to the coronavirus pandemic as being “particularly poor” in a recent interview.

Gates claimed that China “did respond very quickly and get their testing in place.” He said that this resulted them in “avoiding the incredible economic pain.”

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“It’s sad that even the U.S. that you would have expected to do this well did it particularly poorly,” Gates said.

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Although Gates explicitly criticized the U.S. for their coronavirus response, he said in his next breath that now is not the time to play the blame game. Instead, we should all just focus on using the crisis to get vaccines pumped into as many people as possible.

“This is the time to take the great science we have, the fact that we’re in this together, to fix testing, treatments and get that vaccine and, ya know, minimize the trillions of dollars and many things that you can’t even dimentionalize in economic terms that are awful about the situation that we are in,” Gates said before calling Trump’s criticism of China over their virus pandemic a “distraction.”

The entire clip of Gates’ pro-China propaganda blitz can be seen here:

In actuality, it was China’s response to the coronavirus in Wuhan that literally caused the global pandemic, irrespective of the West’s response to China’s heinous actions jeopardizing global health.

They demonized the heroic whistleblower who made the coronavirus discovery, calling him a liar when they could have sprung into action to keep the public safe and keep the virus from spreading.

Big League Politics reported on the persecuted Chinese doctor who would eventually die from exposure to coronavirus:

Li Wenliang, a doctor who was demonized by the Chinese communists after he exposed the truth about the Coronavirus outbreak, has died from the virus at the age of 34.

Wenliang worked as an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital when he released an urgent bulletin to medics in the hospital on Dec. 30. Police showed up and attempted to intimidate him into silence after the fact, as China attempted to keep the outbreak under wraps.

The pandemic has now killed over 560 people and infected 28,000 in China. Wenliang is now among the victims of the deadly virus that some have said looks to be created as some sort of a bioweapon.

When Wenliang became aware of the coronavirus, he noted seven cases of a virus in his hospital that reminded him of SARS, which led to a global pandemic back in 2003. The coronavirus has already far outpaced SARS in terms of deadliness, just weeks after it was discovered.

He told his fellow doctors to take special precautions, including wearing protective clothing, in order to avoid infection. The communists would attempt to force him to sign a letter indicating he was “making false comments” that had “severely disturbed the social order.”

Analysts estimate that the global infection levels for coronavirus could have been reduced by as much as 95 percent if China had immediately sprung into action rather than stalling for weeks and punishing whistleblowers as news of the virus swept the continent.

“Our study demonstrates how important it is for countries which are facing an imminent outbreak to proactively plan a coordinated response which swiftly tackles the spread of the disease on a number of fronts. We also show that China’s comprehensive response, in a relatively short period, greatly reduced the potential health impact of the outbreak,” wrote Professor Andy Tatem of his study that was conducted using the population mapping organization WorldPop to run various data models.

Gates refuses to tell the truth about China even when their guilt for the coronavirus is glaringly obvious. Perhaps Beijing Bill would be an appropriate moniker for the anti-American oligarch moving forward.


He Found His Spine: Vulnerable Senator Cory Gardner Vows to Support Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

Gardner found his backbone.



Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) has often been at odds with the Trump movement, being a favorite of the GOP establishment’s Senate Leadership Fund.

This is why his recent declaration that he will be supporting President Donald Trump’s choice to succeed the deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg is so surprising. He made the announcement in a Twitter post on Monday.

“When a President exercises constitutional authority to nominate a judge for the Supreme Court vacancy, the Senate must decide how to best fulfill its constitutional duty of advice and consent,” Gardner said in his official statement.

“I have and will continue to support judicial nominees who will protect the Constitution, not legislate from the bench, and uphold the law. Should a qualified nominee who meets this criteria be put forward, I will vote to confirm,” he added.

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The official statement can be seen here:

The president’s pick for the Supreme Court will certainly fit Gardner’s criteria. Trump has announced that he will be appointing a woman to the bench.

One top contender – Amy Comey Barrett – recently made a trip to the White House, as Big League Politics has reported:

Judge Amy Coney Barrett visited the White House on Monday, as President Donald Trump zeroes in on selecting a nominee to fill the vacant seat on the US Supreme Court.

Barrett is reportedly a front-runner for the judicial nomination. She’s a generally conservative judge, with a staunch pro-life record. Her track record on immigration law issues is generally conservative.

Barrett currently serves as a circuit judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has advised President Trump that she is his preferred candidate for the seat on the court.

President Trump had confirmed that he plans to nominate a woman to fill the seat of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who died of complications from pancreatic cancer on Friday.

Democrats have launched a full-fledged fit urging President Trump to give them a break and decline to nominate a conservative justice, but they won’t be so lucky. Republican Senators and President Trump have rallied around the notion of appointing a justice before the November election, fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities.

Trump confirmed that he would be revealing the identity of his judicial nominee on Friday or Saturday, taking a few extra days to vet candidates. Florida Judge Barbara Lagoa is reportedly another candidate being considered for the nomination.

It’ll be inherently harder for incensed, power-thirsty Democrats to attack a female judicial candidate. Maybe they’ll alienate swing female voters through waging a scorched earth campaign to block the confirmation of Barrett, who is a mother of seven.

The Republicans have a great opportunity to score a major political victory and really stick it to the extreme Left with this expedited SCOTUS confirmation. The fact that a moderate like Gardner is on board is a great sign that the confirmation is likely to occur before November’s election.

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