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Campaign 2020

Bill Kristol’s Dream Trump Challenger Wrote Racial Slurs Numerous Times on Social Media

Former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh used racist language on Twitter against former President Barack Obama.



Former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, once considered a tea party favorite before he lost his seat in Illinois after one term, is talking about a presidential run to challenge Donald Trump’s nomination as the GOP’s contender in 2020.

“If I’m to do it, it’s going to happen soon,” Walsh told Politico. “I’ve been really surprised by the amount of anxiousness from people across the spectrum who want this president to have a challenge, because there’s just a real concern that he’s absolutely unfit.”

However, before Walsh re-invented himself as a never Trumper to maintain relevance, he actually threatened violent revolution if Trump lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

He confirmed that he was dead serious about his call for revolution months later.

Walsh has already started his groveling tour in the fake news media, hoping to erase his past so he can rally Never Trumpers behind his potential sabotage campaign.

However, Walsh may be unable to apologize away the racial slurs that he used in reference to Obama while he was serving in the White House. Despite frequently criticizing President Trump for his incendiary rhetoric, Walsh used the “n-word” and other racist insults in several tweets.

Walsh was also embarrassed by left-wing comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who tricked the former lawmaker to endorse allowing toddlers to shoot guns in a skit designed to make Republicans look foolish.

He tried to explain away his blunder with some posts on social media, explaining that he would pretty much read anything if it was put in front of him on a teleprompter.

If Walsh does attempt to challenge the President for the Republican nomination in 2020, it doesn’t appear that Trump has anything to worry about.

Campaign 2020

REVOLT: Angry Conservatives Threaten to Boycott Georgia Senate Races Unless Full Vote Audit Takes Place

They have had enough of the feckless GOP.



There is a groundswell of grassroots conservatives who are refusing to help the Republican candidates win in the Georgia senate run-off elections unless the state Republican Party gets serious about the recount and vote audit.

Donald Trump Jr., Students for Trump founder Ryan Fournier and American Greatness senior fellow Ned Ryun are trying to head off this anti-GOP revolt at the pass.

However, enraged conservatives are not having it. They are sick and tired of their elected officials refusing to stand strong and demand electoral accountability in the aftermath of third-world style rigging caused by rapacious and crooked Democrats.

Big League Politics has reported on the cavalcade of anomalies that have occurred in Georgia, while the Republicans in charge of the state, led by Gov. Brian Kemp, are content to look the other way and excuse massive fraud:

A Fulton County, Georgia woman is describing handling a “pristine” batch of ballots that were marked “98%” of the time for Joe Biden in election recount duties, describing the suspicious phenomenon in a sworn affidavit.

Susan Voyles identifies herself as a participant in Georgia’s post-election recount in the affidavit, filed in litigation against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger by Trump campaign attorney Lin Wood.

Voyles describes seeing ballots that differed considerably from the other ballots she was entrusted to count in the remix.

Voyles describes the batch of ballots as unusual in their texture and level of handling, and that she estimates 98% of them were cast for Joe Biden. Voyles even speculates that these ballots could’ve been processed through a ballot-marking device!

Voyles earlier described election recount supervisors as tasking them to process ballots in a “selective” fashion. Boxes of absentee ballots were signed by no one, without markings one might expect the Georgia Secretary of State to outfit absentee ballots with.

Another witness describes viewing election workers count 500 straight ballots for Joe Biden, all of which were marked with perfect black bubbles.

Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell has pledged that the campaign’s legal filing in Georgia will be “biblical,” implying a great deal of evidence in regards to election discrepancies.

The Trump campaign has demanded a new recount after the first one was little more than a perfunctory cherade.

“Today, the Trump campaign filed a petition for recount in Georgia,” the campaign said in a statement on Saturday. “We are focused on ensuring that every aspect of Georgia State Law and the U.S. Constitution are followed so that every legal vote is counted.”

The Republican Party may have a mutiny on their hands if they do not get serious about stopping voter fraud and do so very quickly. With their nation hanging by a thread and the constitution at stake, conservatives have no more tolerance for RINOs among their ranks.

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