Bill Maher Is Getting Absolutely Destroyed By Comic Book Fans And People Are Loving It

HBO host Bill Maher continues to be rhetorically pulverized by comic book fans everywhere on the Internet after he trashed the beloved medium in the aftermath of comics icon Stan Lee’s death.

Insensitivity to the dead, coupled with disrespect for what many diehard fans consider to be an American art form on the level of jazz music or Ken Burns documentaries on American art forms.

Here is Marvel’s respectful bio of Stan Lee: “In 1939, a teenage Stan Lee began his career in comics and 75 years later, he is celebrated as the creative tour de force behind Marvel’s Silver Age – the co-creator of beloved characters like Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor and the X-Men. Take part in Stan ‘The Man’ Lee’s historic legacy!”

See, that’s how you summarize the work of a legend.

Bill Maher messing with comic book fans might actually be the most cataclysmic mistake of his career — and this is a man who said the 9/11 hijackers were not cowardly, right after 9/11. (READ: Exclusive Excerpts From Bill Maher’s Sexist Unpublished Book ‘What I’ve Learned About Women’) reports: “But clearly, Twitter wasn’t ready to move on, lighting up the comments section to Maher’s tweets with more trolling about his comments regarding Stan Lee. In a blog post on Saturday, the “Real Time” host trashed adult fans of comic books and blamed Stan Lee for Trump’s ascension to power. Maher’s most direct criticism is one that has plagued the comic book medium for decades. “They pretended comic books were actually sophisticated literature,” Maher wrote in the post he titled “Adulting,” continuing the narrative that comic books are inherently for children…” passage ends shows the incredible thread of people obliterating Bill Maher for his insensitivity, even after he tries to pivot to other topics. How long will this go on?

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