Bipartisan Commentators Sign Non-Interventionist Pact Demanding for the U.S. to Stay Out of Ukraine

A bipartisan group of journalists, intellectuals, academics and policy professionals have signed onto a letter demanding that the U.S. stay out of Ukraine and the constant propaganda drive for World War 3 immediately comes to an end.

Individuals who signed onto the letter include Michael Anton of the Claremont Institute, Pedro Gonzalez of Chronicles Magazine, Emile Doak of The American Conservative, independent journalist Glenn Greenwald, Josh Hammer of Newsweek, and CRT whistleblower Christopher Rufo. It “calls for prudence, not self-righteous posturing” regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“Russia’s wrongful invasion has the potential to spark a wider European conflict, drawing in NATO and pitting the world’s largest nuclear powers against each other. The risks inherent in such scenarios should be high enough to render them unthinkable. Yet too many in the West pursue escalation, over and against the interests of millions,” the letter states.

“Foremost among the victims are the Ukrainian people. They bear the brunt of Russia’s aggression and of the attempt to bog down Moscow in a long, devastating insurgency. Ordinary Russians, meanwhile, are caught in the dragnet of indiscriminate Western sanctions. Crude anti-Russian attacks—directed against artists, athletes, and others in the Russian diaspora who bear no responsibility for Kremlin actions—threaten to embitter a generation,” it continues.

The letter urges for a de-escalation of hostilities before the war lures in more countries, which could result in World War 3.

“We urge the Biden administration to focus on an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, as a prelude to good-faith negotiations toward a permanent peace that takes into account Ukraine’s right to self-determination and Russia’s legitimate security needs,” the letter states.

“We urge the White House and Western allies to keep open channels of dialogue and diplomacy to Moscow on all issues; and we call on President Biden to reiterate unequivocally that regime change in Moscow is not a U.S. policy goal,” it adds.

The letter chides the Biden regime for invoking rhetoric similar to what the Bush administration used in the aftermath of 9/11, which resulted in several trillion-dollar wars with little to show for it other than widespread human misery.

“President Biden recently described the confrontation with Moscow as a long war “between democracy and autocracy.” Similarly grandiose rhetoric ensnared the West in the quicksand of the Middle East after 9/11, costing hundreds of thousands of lives and untold treasure. Before replicating those mistakes, we must step back from the abyss. We ask people of goodwill everywhere to join us in saying No to the illogic of escalation,” the letter concludes.

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