Bitter Avenatti Lashes Out At Don Jr: ‘Member of the Lucky Sperm Club’

A shady attorney and former cable news regular known for his representation of – and subsequent alleged theft from – adult film actress Stormy Daniels took a swipe at Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter Thursday.

“Hey Biff (@DonaldJTrumpJr): I’m such a ‘clown’ that you have refused for a year to appear with me in public to have any discussion or debate on any issue. Why? Because you know that you will be exposed for what you are – a moron member of the lucky sperm club. Step up or shut up,” he said.

He was responding to Trump Jr., who posted a montage video of all of the cable news mavens who platformed Avenatti before his meteoric fall from grace. The attorney scored hundreds of interviews and tens of millions of dollars worth of free press, which he used mostly to bash President Donald J. Trump.

Subsequently, Avenatti was charged more than 40 crimes in three separate criminal cases, raging from embezzlement to perjury to extortion.

He has a longstanding beef Trump Jr., and infamously claimed on Twitter that the president’s son would be indicted before the end of 2018.

Big League Politics reported:

One of the biggest losers of 2018 was creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti, who began the year on a hot streak before epically crashing and burning after a brief period in the spotlight.

“Donald Trump Jr. will be indicted before his birthday on 12-31-18. If you doubt my prediction, please check my record over the last 7 months. #Winning” he Tweeted on Oct. 11.

The 82,000 people who stayed up until midnight waiting in anticipation for Avenatti’s prediction to materialize are both disappointed and fatigued this morning.

What record was Avenatti referring to? His record of promoting a porn star by filing a lawsuit against her wishes, hiding the funds donated for her legal fees and gaining millions of dollars in earned media off her? Or was it his criminal record? He was arrested for domestic violence in November. Maybe it was his record of failure to pay his bills, leading to an eviction from his law office. Or was it his record of promising that he had been hired by an accuser that would derail Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination?

Trump Jr. was never indicted. Avenatti was.

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