Black Conservative Banned From Twitter for Telling the Truth About Islam

EW Jackson Banned From Twitter

E.W. Jackson, a black radio host, minister and politician from Virginia, was suspended from Twitter for telling the truth about Islam, and has refused to grovel to the Big Tech overlords for his account to be reinstated.

Jackson was suspended from Twitter for posting a tweet that read “Muslims are the ones who try to terrorize and intimidate people into conversions or kill them for converting from Islam. To compare Muslims murdering Christians to Christians doing missionary work is anti-Christian bigotry.”

The Big Tech platform informed Jackson that he was promoting violence, and Twitter policies prohibit those who “promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation.”

Jackson, himself a Protestant minister, maintains he was not promoting violence in any fashion, but merely responding to an account, owned by a man named Andy West, that was promoting what Jackson considered “anti-Christian hatred.”

“I have never promoted violence or threatened anyone,” wrote Jackson on Facebook. “That was not harassment, but a response to what I considered to be anti-Christian hatred. I was pointing out that it is Muslims who are doing violence.”

Jackson went on, “‘Andy West’ suggested an equivalence between Christians who he thought were using their missionary work to convert children improperly on the one hand and Islamists who are killing Christians on the other.”

He explained that Twitter demanded he delete the offending tweet, and any other offensive content on his Twitter feed. In a second Facebook post, Jackson said he refused to “grovel and delete the tweet,” and that he has appealed Twitter’s decision to suspend his account, because he feels this would be admitting to advocating violence, something he insists he never did.

“That’s an excuse for their bias,” wrote Jackson.

Twitter will now review his suspension, and may permanently lock Jackson out of his Twitter account, effectively banning him, if they determine the tweet needs to be deleted and he refuses to remove it.

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