Black Lives Matter Activist Honored by Boston Red Sox Charged With Punching an 80-Year Old Woman in the Face at Trump Rally

A Black Lives Matter activist who was honored as a “hero” by the Boston Red Sox in August for his left-wing activism has been arrested and charged with a vicious attack on an 80-year old woman who was peacefully protesting in a pro-Trump Stop the Steal rally in Massachusetts.

Ernst Jean-Jacques Jr. posted on Facebook about being honored in the Red Sox’s “Hats off to Heroes” program in August, which was originally created to honor veterans. The program has been expanded to include left-wing racial activists after a sponsorship deal insurance and insurance company John Hancock.

A Red Sox representative recognized Jean-Jacques Jr as a “pillar of the community,” lauding him for all he had supposedly done in the “fight against social injustice.”

(Ernst Jean-Jacques Jr)

On December 12th, Jean-Jacques Jr. appeared at a “Stop the Steal” pro-Trump rally in Swampscott, Massachusetts, where he punched an 80-year old female Trump supporter in the face.

In a purported video of the attack, the masked man can be seen recoiling before striking a figure demonstrating with the Trump supporters with considerable force.

Jean-Jacques Jr appears to glance around his surroundings before punching the woman in the face, perhaps scanning for law enforcement before his pathetic attack. The woman who was punched had sprayed water from a water bottled onto Jean-Jacques Jr, who has hoping to taunt the Trump supporters by dancing in front of their small procession.

In a display of robust physical fitness for a woman of her age, 80-year old Linda Greenberg declined medical attention after being struck by a cowardly roundhouse punch to the face from the thug. Jean-Jacques Jr. was quickly arrested following the public assault, and he’s facing charges of assault and battery on a person 60 years or older.

Jean-Jacques Jr was quickly bailed out of county jail, with law enforcement probably aware he’d face the prospect of physical confrontation with someone closer to his age range in placed into general population.

The Boston Red Sox are yet to comment on their previous honoration of the left-wing activist and grandmother beater.

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