Black Lives Matter Celebrates As Thug Accused of Assaulting 82-Year-Old Won’t Face Charges

The protest movement that has sprung up around police violence and criminal justice reform first spread like wildfire online, which researchers say allowed activists  to circumvent traditional new media to get their message

Black Lives Matter is celebrating as a young woman accused of knocking down an elderly pro-life protestor and causing severe injuries will not face charges in Kentucky.

“Court records show a grand jury decided against an assault charge on Thursday for 32-year-old Janaya Alyce Gregory, who allegedly knocked Donna Durning down outside Kentucky’s only abortion clinic in April,” according to WHAS. “The longtime anti-abortion activist was hospitalized with a broken femur and cut to her head, requiring surgery and physical rehabilitation.”

Durning is a long-time pro-life activist who attempted to hand Gregory a card for a crisis pregnancy center. Such activists generally stand outside abortion clinics in an effort to encourage women to go to a pregnancy center instead.

Pregnancy centers are different from abortion clinics in that they generally promote life, oftentimes providing women free ultrasounds so they can see their child. Gregory reportedly “charged” at Durning and knocked her to the ground.

Black Lives Matter celebrated when the grand jury announced its decision.

“Women like Donna Durning think that it’s adequate to perform violence outside of abortion clinics.” the group reportedly said. “They believe that folks seeking services for their reproductive health are disposable and warranted the violence that they perform because of their, protesters, religious views in the name of Christianity.”

The irony, or course, is palpable: Black Lives Matter celebrates the death of a black child.

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