Black Lives Matter Propaganda is Making Its Way to Hungary

Right-wing Hungarians are mobilizing against American-style degeneracy. 

The Guardian reported that a recent piece of Black Lives Matter art is causing an uproar in right-wing Hungarian circles. The nationalist government of Viktor Orbán has stood out for its unapologetic stances against mass migration and cultural degeneracy, on top of its proactive policies promoting family formation.

This art installation will be placed in Budapest’s ninth district that is filled with communist-era public housing. 

“The BLM goals of opposing racism and police brutality are just as relevant in Hungary as anywhere else,” stated Krisztina Baranyi, the mayor of the ninth district. She cited Orban’s tough immigration policies and his supposed oppression of Roma’s minority as reasons to bring BLM to Hungary.

Seven pieces were selected to be on display for a period of two weeks next spring in multiple locations. Given the high-profile nature of the BLM movement, the BLM display is clearly receiving the most attention. 

This news immediately provoked an immediate response from the Orbán government and right wing media in the country. “Black Lives Matter is basically a racist movement. The racist is not the person who opposes a BLM statue, but the person who erects one,” said Gergely Gulyás, Orbán’s chief of staff.

A number of commentators had threatened to take the statue down, while others mocked the importation of an American-based political narrative to Hungary, a country with no history of racial strife due to the paucity of blacks in the country. The current government is ramping up its pro-traditional image before the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2022. At the end of year, the government made an amendment to its constitution that declared “the mother is a woman and the father is a man”, in addition to clarifying that only heterosexual couples can adopt children. Earlier in May, Hungary ended the legal recognition of gender modifications for trans people. 

The Guardian detailed what this sculpture would look like:

The sculpture, which will be made in 12 pieces using a 3D printer and put together using magnets, is a “paraphrase of the Statue of Liberty”, said Szalay. The figure kneels, lifting her right hand in a fist, and holds a tablet with the inscription “Black Lives Matter”. There is also an LGBT-rights theme to the installation, with rainbow colours used to illuminate the monument.

With Joe Biden likely being installed as President on January 20, 2021, the incoming administration will potentially be incredibly hostile towards Hungary and use all means possible from woke soft power to punitive sanctions to make Hungary pay for being an “illiberal” democracy.

Hungary has been a trendsetter in bucking globalist trends and standing for an orderly society that is free of the corrupting influences of degenerate liberalism. It’s a beacon of hope in a world dominated by degenerate liberalism.

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