Black Lives Matter Rioter Who Attempts to Storm and Climb Police Car in Sacramento Is Sent Flying

A Black Lives Matter rioter who attempted to climb a moving police cruiser in Sacramento was sent flying when the vehicle accelerated on Monday, experiencing consequences for his attempt to block the police vehicle with a crowd of unruly rioters.

Watch video of the hectic event.

A woman screams wildly in the background of the video, acting completely shocked that the rioter’s dangerous and criminal conduct could’ve had any consequences. The man was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, but it doesn’t appear he was seriously injured.

The leftist rioters had been assailing an appearance by President Donald Trump in the area, inspecting efforts to combat the devastating wildfires that have caused considerable human and property damages in California and the western United States.

Some of the rioters on-scene engaging in criminal activity were openly wearing Biden-Harris campaign clothing. Biden is yet to disavow supporters who engage in dangerous and violent conduct in Sacramento specifically.

Attempting to block moving traffic-most commonly civilian vehicles- on public roads with organized mobs has become a tied and true traffic of left-wing criminal riot organizations. Several Americans have been shot by gun-wielding rioters who open fire on motorists that try to escape the mobs, and at least one leftist “demonstrator” has been killed on a Seattle highway when a moving vehicle declined to slow down for a blockade of protestors.

Police need to make it clear to left-wing criminals that blocking public roadways and storming vehicles simply will not be tolerated, or further violent incidences will occur.

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