Black Lives Matter Terrorists Cower After British Patriots Vow to Protect Monuments From Desecration

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is backing down after a group of British patriots have vowed to protect historical monuments from being desecrated by the anti-civilizational terror group.

BLM reportedly called off a rally on Saturday because they were scared that opposition would show up and stop them from committing their violent rampage.

“We want the protests to be a safe space for people to attend,” a post from the BLM LDN organisers said. “However, we don’t think it will be possible with people like them present.”

Patriotic groups, including heroic anti-Sharia demonstrator Tommy Robinson, have scheduled a “defend our memorials” event near Winston Churchill’s statue on Parliament Square. Churchill has been one of the cultural icons set for destruction by BLM as they emulate the tactics of ISIS in their war against Western Civilization.

Police claim they are ready to deal with any skirmishes that may result from a confrontation between the two groups.

“We are going into the summer period, which is always a challenging period in relation to to incidents and disorder,” said Martin Hewitt, who is the chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council.

“And of course now we do have the additional factor of the extraordinary movement of Black Lives Matter, and people’s feelings about inequality. So of course, when you put all of that together, that has the potential … to cause concern,” Hewitt added.

Police stood down while a Churchill monument was defaced by vandals, doing nothing to protect and serve while BLM terrorists waged war against Britain. Cops defend their inaction and weakness as being necessary to protect the public safety.

Somerset police chief constable Andy Marsh said: “There would have been a risk of violent confrontation and other criminal damage and a risk of significant disorder in Bristol and beyond [had his officers taken action].”

“I do believe that disorder would have been significant in Bristol and [would have] made it an epicenter for violent protest,” he added.

Marsh also paid lip service to the underlying agenda of the rioters, showing that he and his forces have essentially surrendered to the conquering enemy.

“I am pleased that events in Bristol have prompted a broader public debate on the appropriateness and legitimacy of statues and place names and the way our history is portrayed,” he said.

Because British police are so weak and unwilling to act, the people must take defending their historical monuments into their own hands.

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