Black Mass Shooter Murders Five in Mass Killing, Media Blames Racism for His Terror Rampage

Last week, an African-American shooter murdered five of his former co-workers, all of whom just so happened to be of a different race than the killer, at the Molson Coors Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisc.

If this had been a Caucasian shooter targeting co-workers of a different race, there would have been wall-to-wall coverage about the racist intent of the shooter. However, since the shoe was on the other foot, the fake news media turned their eye on the supposedly racist atmosphere at the brewery as being the reasoning behind the shooting.

The perpetrator of the heinous murders, 51-year-old electrician Anthony N. Ferrill, had a long history of whining about alleged and unproven racist acts happening to him on the job.

“The dispute may have had racial overtones. Ferrill was African American, and accused the brewery of discriminating against him. He had talked of suing the company, the worker said. Ferrill had complained that employees were coming into his home, bugging his computer, moving chairs around,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Instead of dismissing these accusations as the ravings of a madman, the fake news ran with them and used them in an attempt to paint the killer in a sympathetic light.

CNN ran a story titled “Noose once placed on locker of shooter at Molson Coors, company says” while the Washington Post ran a story titled “Noose found on gunman’s locker at Milwaukee Coors facility years before deadly shooting.”

The Molson Coors Brewery was forced to grovel about racial injustice after the shooting because of media pressure, essentially reinforcing the narrative that the racist murderer was the victim of this entire ordeal.

“It was a disgusting act five years ago, and remains disgusting today,” said Molson Coors spokesman Adam Collins of the alleged noose that was placed on Ferrell’s locker.

No evidence was ever produced showing that another co-worker left the noose there, and it could have easily been placed by Ferrell himself as the mentally-ill shooter prepared to cash out with his junk lawsuit.

“No camera footage was available to show who placed it on the locker, we offered HR and Security services to the employee, we talked to the brewery leadership team in Milwaukee about the issue and we ensured everyone knew about our confidential paths to share discrimination or harassment complaints,” Collins said.

“There’s no two ways about it. We have more work to do. In the past few days we have been listening to employees about their experiences and their needs,” he added. “We have also been reaching out to our partners for input and advice as we take a deep look at our own culture and improve it in the weeks and months ahead.”

Gennady Levshetz, 61; Jesus Valle Jr., 33; Dale Hudson, 60; Dana Walk, 57; and Trevor Wetselaar, 33 were murdered during Ferrell’s senseless rampage.

Milwaukee law enforcement was forced to officially dispel the fake news media’s narrative that seemingly justified the shooter’s rampage, pointing out that there was no evidence racism had anything to do with Ferrill’s acts of terror.

“Milwaukee police detectives have interviewed several witnesses regarding the suspect’s actions and statements leading up to the incident,” the department said in a statement. “As a result of the preliminary investigation, neither race nor racism has been identified as a factor in this incident.”

The police noted that there was no evidence showing that “any of the victims targeted in the mass shooting [were] involved in any inappropriate or racist behavior toward the suspect.”

“Therefore, the narrative of retaliation being the suspect’s motive has not been substantiated,” the department said.

The fake news will not hesitate to propagandize on behalf of a terrorist shooter if it means advancing their false narrative of racial victimhood.

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