Black Panthers Protested Inside A Virginia Elementary School That Played ‘Slave’ Game

An under-reported incident highlights the racial tension in Virginia as the state grapples with its Democrat governor Ralph Northam’s well-documented racism, which has led to massive protests and calls for Northam’s resignation. The racial problems in the state are coming to light as more people of all races wake up to the establishment media’s divisive tactics.

The Loudon Times-Mirror reported:

A group of people who referred to themselves as members of the Black Panther Party entered Madison’s Trust Elementary School in Brambleton Friday, saying they wanted to speak with administration regarding recent race-related incidents.

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the school around 10 a.m. A school employee called 911 regarding subjects who were “possibly being disorderly inside the office of the school,” according to the LCSO.

The incident came a week after the Times-Mirror broke a story about a physical education lesson at Madison’s Trust that saw students acting as slaves escaping through the Underground Railroad.

School officials reported that the group entered the school’s vestibule by following a parent and student who were cleared by staff to enter the school through the electronic door access. The group reportedly continued into the office, some of whom showed IDs and asked to speak with a school administrator to discuss how recent events in the news surrounding the school were being addressed.

The group was told by a school administrator he could not discuss personnel matters, after which the group left the office with some members shouting, “No justice, no peace,” according to authorities.

Times-Mirror passage ends

Big League Politics recently spoke to Northam’s 2013 lieutenant governor opponent E.W. Jackson on the racial powder keg in the Commonwealth:

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