Black Teenager Posts Video of White College Student Singing Rap Lyrics, Prompting a Digital Lynch Mob to Ruin Her Life

A black teenager by the name of Jimmy Galligan posted a video of a white college student back when she was in high school singing rap lyrics in order to get her booted from college and ruin her life.

This is being celebrated by the New York Times as part of the much-needed “reckoning” for black Americans to punish and subjugate their white counterparts.

“I wanted to get her where she would understand the severity of that word,” said the 18-year-old Galligan, who is actually only half black, to the Times.

The student, Mimi Groves, posted a video of herself saying the N-word from lyrics of a rap song on Snapchat when she was only a freshman in high school. Since then, she has adopted the typical pro-Black Lives Matter point of view that has been inculcated into Generation Z automatons. This did not stop her fellow allies from uniting to destroy her life though.

Groves was forced to leave the University of Tennessee amidst fears for her safety as the digital lynch mob demanded blood.

“We just needed it to stop, so we withdrew her,” said Groves’ mother. “They rushed to judgment and unfortunately it’s going to affect her for the rest of her life.”

She is now groveling publicly in an attempt to salvage her reputation.

“At the time, I didn’t understand the severity of the word, or the history and context behind it because I was so young,” she said, adding that “all the songs we listened to, and I’m not using that as an excuse.”

“It honestly disgusts me that those words would come out of my mouth,” Groves added. “How can you convince somebody that has never met you and the only thing they’ve ever seen of you is that three-second clip?”

Galligan is self-satisfied at ruining a white woman’s life, as racial domination is the primary focus of the Black Lives Matter uprising.

“If I never posted that video, nothing would have ever happened,” he said.

“I’m going to remind myself, you started something,” Galligan added, considering this a great accomplishment in his life. “You taught someone a lesson.”

The lesson is certainly being learned across the nation that diversity is cancer and multiculturalism means the death of the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Groves will not be the last innocent person who has their life destroyed by these soulless enemies of civilization empowered by the fake news media.

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