Black Texas GOP State Chair Allen West Demands that Confederate Monuments be Protected

The new Texas GOP State Chair Allen West is not playing around.

After recently taking control of the position of State Chair, West has made it a point to call out the Texas GOP establishment.

Brandon Waltens of Texas Scorecard highlighted how West called out Governor Greg Abbott’s series of executive orders with regards to the Wuhan virus and spineless Republicans who have joined Democrats in attempts to erase American history.

Since his successful campaign for State Chair, West has been on a media blitz and reaching out to disgruntled grassroots conservatives. He also took Republicans to task in their flaccid response to the cultural Left’s radicalism.

Waltens noted one case of Republican cowardice that got on West’s nerves:

The first major example came after the U.S. House of Representatives voted to remove statues of individuals who fought for the Confederacy from the U.S. Capitol. While the push was led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrat congressmen, they found unlikely allies in a minority of Republican legislators, including six from Texas: Michael Burgess of Flower Mound, Van Taylor of Plano, Dan Crenshaw of Houston, Michael McCaul of Austin, Will Hurd of San Antonio, and Pete Olson of Sugar Land.

When he went on Fox and Friends on July 24, West criticized “cancel culture” and the Left’s iconoclasm.

“I will tell you, I have never met a Confederate general that offended me,” declared West. He then cited his service at two military bases—Fort Bragg and Fort Hood—which were named in honor of Confederate generals.

“We are just responding to this mob, this cancel culture, and as long as we continue to believe we can acquiesce, appease, and compromise with them, it just emboldens them. And so, I would say, ‘Sit in the corner, shut up, and get out of the business of worrying about the names of military installations.’”

West really stirred the pot by criticizing the executive orders that came out of Abbott’s office.

“One of the things that I believe in is the rule of law and that we are supposed to be governed by our elected officials and not ruled by our elected officials,” declared West. “I’m not too much a fan of executive orders, edicts, mandates, and directives.”

Although West conceded that executive orders may be justified in the case of emergencies, he said, “You have to come back to the Legislature if you want to continue to send out orders.”

In addition, West was in disagreement with Abbott’s statewide mask mandate and described several decisions by local officials as “draconian.”

West’s leadership is long overdue.

BLP previously reported on West’s desire to carry out the will of Texas grassroots conservatives by making Constitutional Carry a legislative priority.

Said legislation was killed last legislative session by the GOP political establishment, which disappointed grassroots conservatives who wanted to continue liberalizing Texas’ already solid gun laws.

West will need to continue pressuring the GOP and he will need the full support of the Texas grassroots if conservatives want to see their legislative items move forward

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