BLM Screams Racism and Now Sexism

BLM Screams Racism and Now Sexism

Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder Patrisse Cullors has been known to denounce her critics as racists, as evident in her most recent controversy surrounding the alleged fraud found in her 6 million dollar mansion purchase.

Now, Cullors is screaming racism, and even and sexism, amidst her critics pointing out more shady deals and alleged criminal activity.

According to Cullors, America should simply ignore crimes committed by a person who is black or female. On top of that, black and/or female criminals ought to be immediately released based on these two attributes.

Put differently, no black person or woman can ever be guilty of anything anymore.

As Cullors has stated, “if you’re a black person in America, and you commit a crime, it is not because you are bad. It is because racism exists. And if you’re a woman who commits a crime, it is not because you are bad. It is because sexism exists.”

Cullors’ comments have been met with backlash, as many feel that she is using her race and gender to shield herself from accountability.

This double standard only serves to further erode trust in BLM and its leadership. Which has only been on the consistent downtrend over the past 2 years.

Cullors’ insistence on playing the victim card whenever she or one of her associates is caught red-handed only fuels the fire of those who seek to discredit the BLM movement as a whole. Rightfully so.

What’s even more interesting is the fact Cullors has used her 6 million dollar mansion, the one associated with all of these fraud accusations in the first place, to film videos for her personal YouTube channel.

She has since deleted all those videos when the news hit about the $3 million profit made from BLM co-founder’s overnight house flip.

Per a report from the Daily Caller: “Cullors, 37, and her husband, Janaya Khan, bought the home for $415,000 in 2016. Two years later — after some basic cosmetic changes — they sold it for $960,000.

“They then took out a $610,000 loan against the property in order to buy another home in Topanga Canyon,” it continued.

The report goes on to state:

“While Cullors’ new Topanga property is not yet finished being built, she has already moved into a rental home nearby that costs around $27,000 per month.”

Note that this is the same woman who claims systemic racism and sexism are preventing black people and women from accumulating wealth. How ironic.

It’s clear that these off-the-cuff attempts to smear anyone who criticizes Cullor as a racist or sexist are merely deflection tactics to avoid the real issues at hand.

Cullor argues that the public holding her accountable stems from a “long history of attacking black people.”

But we’ll see how that logic holds up in a court room.


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BLM Screams Racism and Now Sexism

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