BLOOD IN THE STREETS: NYC Sees Over 100 Shootings in the Last Week

According to a report from 1010 WINS, a surge in gun violence has resulted in over 100 people getting wounded or killed in dozens of shootings all over New York City during the past nine days, police revealed on June 28, 2020.

There have been 112 victims in 83 shootings over a nine-day stretch that ended on June 27, per law enforcement accounts of the situation. Most of the victims were expected to survive, but at least six people have died in the last week, while others sustained serious or critical injuries.

The NYPD released the following info about the past nine days of shootings:

Friday, 6/19 – 8 shooting incidents with 9 victims.
Saturday, 6/20 -18 shooting incidents with 24 victims.
Sunday, 6/21 – 2 shooting incidents with 5 victims.
Monday, 6/22 – 11 shooting incidents with 17 victims.
Tuesday, 6/23 – 10 shooting incidents with 10 victims.
Wednesday, 6/24 – 3 shooting incidents with 5 victims.
Thursday, 6/25 – 5 shooting incidents with 8 victims.
Friday, 06/26 – 9 incidents with 10 victims.
Saturday, 06/27 – 17 incidents with 24 victims.

As of June 28, the NYPD reported that there have been 503 shooting incidents with 605 victims so far in 2020.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea revealed last week that New York city’s homicide rate reached a 5-year high and that the criminal justice system was “imploding.” The number of people shot has also increased by 42 percent compared to 2010.

In a statement to 1010 WINS, Brooklyn community advocate Tony Herbert said he’s overwhelmed with the increase in gun violence.

“It has just been ridiculous how it has taken place, because we saw a serious decline over a five year period and we have working relationships to work with our police department with their community policing,” he stated. “Now look at what we’re faced with. I have not seen anything like this in my entire life living here in New York.”

Once a stellar example of public order for other major metro areas to follow, New York City is quickly becoming another run-of-the-mill urban center with its rising crimes rates.

If policymakers in the Big Apple don’t get their act together, New York City could witness a massive exodus, as residents look to more red states for safer and more economically prosperous areas to live in.

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