Blue Collar Pennsylvania Will Decide Republican’s Fate In 2018

Will the 2018 midterms lean Republican or Democrat? The special election to replace former Rep. Tim Murphy in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District very well could decide that.

The showdown is between Republican State Representative Doug Saccone and Democrat attorney Connor Lamb. But while they are the two candidates on the ballot, the fight is truly between President Donald Trump and the Democrat establishment.

President Trump’s appeal to blue-collar workers allowed him to carry Congressional District 18 by twenty points in 2016. If Republicans are not able to hold this seat in next week’s special election, it is being touted as a microcosm for Congressional midterms later in 2018, where Democrats are looking to regain majorities in the House and Senate.

Republicans and Democrats are pulling out all the stops to support their respective candidate. Democrats sent former Vice President Joe Biden to stump for Lamb, and Republicans are sending President Donald Trump to stump for Saccone.

There’s no telling who will win this highly contentious race, or even what will happen before election day. Big League Politics will keep you updated on any new developments.



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