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2018 Midterms

BOB CASEY IN TROUBLE: Only 27 Percent In PA Want To Re-Elect Him



Do-nothing Democratic senator Bob Casey Junior is in serious trouble in Pennsylvania heading into 2018. Only 27 percent of people in Pennsylvania think he deserves re-election, according to a new poll.

27 percent!

The SP&R Fall 2017 PA Statewide Omnibus Poll is out, and it spells disaster for Casey:

“Do you think Bob Casey, Jr. has done his job as United State Senator well enough to deserve reelection, or do you think it is time to give a new person a chance?
1. Reelect Casey, Jr. 134 27%
2. New person 231 46%
3. Undecided 139 28%”

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Casey is a well-known slacker in the Senate . Lazy Bob is looking weak.

Bobby Lawrence, the America First Trump supporter running in a rich Republican primary field for Casey’s seat, announced his candidacy here on the pages of Big League Politics.

“Second Amendment. There are more than a million licensed deer hunters in the state of Pennsylvania. With Bob Casey changing his position on the Second Amendment, that’s a pretty big constituency that Bob Casey has alienated himself from,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence especially objects to Casey comparing Trump to Nixon. “He’s not behaving like a senator, he’s thinking about his re-election race.”


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