BOLD CLAIM: Kremlin Says Britain Behind Syrian Chemical Attacks

A Russian defense minister has claimed that Britain is to blame for the April 7 chemical attack in Syria that has sparked international outcry.

“We have… evidence that proves Britain was directly involved in organizing this provocation,” said Moscow’s defense ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov.

It is a bold a potentially dangerous claim, and the evidence that the Russians claim to possess has not been offered up in support.

Konashenkov claims that images of the victims were staged with Britain’s direct involvement.

The statement comes nearly a week after Russia first claimed that the attack never occurred, then blamed Syrian rebels.

On the other hand, warhawks in the mainstream media have been encouraging President Donald J. Trump to strike Syria and oust President Bashar Al-Assad, though there is no evidence that Assad’s regime was was behind the attack either.

Right now, the whole world is pointing fingers at each other as the risk of a hot war in Syria becomes more likely.

One thing is certain: Before attacking a sovereign nation, the powers that be should be sure that there is concrete evidence of who is behind the attack, and act accordingly.




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