Bolsonaro Vows to Destroy Marxism in Brazilian Universities

Salão Verde Entrevista Dep. Jair Bolsonaro fala sobre comissao da verdade Foto: janine Moraes 05.05.2010

 Firebrand President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro has vowed to fight “Marxist rubbish” in universities.

Not too long ago, Bolsonaro tweeted his desire to use his administrative power to rid Brazilian universities of Marxist influence and bring quality standards to Brazil’s educational system.

Brazilian institutions of higher learning have left a lot to be desired in international rankings. For that reason, Bolsonaro has taken it upon himself to clean house in the Ivory Tower.

Marxist influence in Brazilian culture was also criticized by Ernesto Araújo, Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Araújo noted that “cultural Marxism directed from within a seemingly liberal and democratic system, achieved through corruption, intimidation, and thought control” took place during the previous Workers’ Party (PT) administration of Lula da Silva and Dilma Rouseff.

After a decade of political scandals and economic malfeasances, Brazilian voters got fed up with the Workers’ Party and their corruption. Consequently, Jair Bolsonaro threw his hat in the ring as a bold, reform candidate that was willing to challenge the Brazilian status quo. Throughout his presidential campaign, Bolsonaro presented himself as a political maverick that would bring order to the country and make Brazil live up to its hype as an emerging power.

On October 28, 2018, Bolsonaro won resoundingly against Fernando Haddad, securing 55% of the vote.

Two weeks after assuming office, Bolsonaro hit the ground running by signing an executive order that removed the police’s discretionary role in determining civilian’s requests to purchase firearms.

At his side, Bolsonaro has Chicago School-trained economist Paulo Guedes as an economic advisor. Guedes expressed his intent to privatize a host of state-owned industries and overhaul Brazil’s burdensome tax code.

Bolsonaro’s campaign to stamp out Marxism in universities and reform the Brazilian economy is part of a multi-pronged cultural and policy approach to get Brazil back on track.

Ideally, the government’s role should be phased out of education, but Bolsonaro’s measures are a step in the right direction.

Bolsonaro’s election was undoubtedly one the biggest political earthquakes in recent Latin American history.

If Bolsonaro follows through with his plan to defeat cultural Marxism and liberate the Brazilian economy from state control, Brazil will be well on its way to becoming a world power.

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