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BOLTON: Focus In Syria Is Still on Defeating ISIS



President Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton said Sunday from Jerusalem that the United States will continue to fight ISIS in the Middle Eastern country of Syria before Trump makes his announced pullout of troops. Bolton met with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu Sunday. (READ: Social Media Makes National Security Harder By Ending The Translation of Hebrew Tweets, Including Netanyahu’s Tweets).

Bolton notably did not discuss any plans for the United States to remove Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad from power, maintaining that U.S. presence in the region is still predicated on defeating the Islamic State, a sinister network of terrorists who seek to build a wicked Caliphate and submerge the world in darkness.

Bolton said that the pullout will happen “in a way to make sure ISIS is defeated and is not able to revive itself and become a threat again.” Also, Turkey’s leader Erdogan is on the hot seat to make sizable commitments to protect the Kurds in Syria.

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President Trump on Sunday celebrated the elimination of the terrorist leader of the USS Cole attack.

America’s top national security priority, many people feel, must be the destruction of ISIS and other terrorists who threaten the recently-globalized world through financial back-channeling, arms dealing, and gaming the migration system that faceless entities like the European Union have inflicted upon our world. Trump’s nationalist supporters believe that any operation to remove Assad will only de-stabilize the region and give rise to the Islamic State, creating another anarchic free-reign zone for the terrorist plotters like they have in Iraq.

President Trump has made great strides in destroying most of ISIS’ capacities. Many of Trump’s supporters feel that the war against ISIS must be merciless and uncompromising, and that ISIS and its allies must feel the full military might of the United States of America raining down upon them always.

I reported:

The United States-led coalition in Syria carried out a substantial bombing raid on ISIS that damaged major ISIS infrastructure right before President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. will be pulling out of Syria.

President Trump’s pullout was predicated on two factors: 1) America already defeated ISIS, and if it crops back up then there are other countries including Erdogan’s Turkey who can fight them, and 2) We have no interest in removing Bashar al Assad and de-stabilizing the region in a way that emboldens ISIS, the true enemy.

Newsmax reported: “The coalition said its attacks during the week of Dec. 16-22, including air strikes and “coordinated fires,” had destroyed logistics facilities and staging areas used by Islamic State, damaged the group’s ability to finance its activities and “removed several hundred ISIS fighters from the battlefield.’” Newsmax passage ends

Big League National Security

Petition for Seattle Mayor’s Recall Election Approved by King County Judge

The mayor stood by as anarchists seceded from the United States.



A petition campaign to bring about a recall election targeting Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan was approved by a King County Judge on Sunday, potentially setting up Durkan’s removal from office. The liberal mayor has lost the confidence of many of the city’s residents, including liberals, after largely refusing to enforce the rule of law and the territorial integrity of the United States.

Durkan consistently refused to break up the dangerous Capital Hill Autonomous Zone anarchist territory after its adherents declared their independence from the United States, responding to the presence of the rebel group with little more than smug potshots at President Donald Trump. Durkan only finally broke up the CHAZ after multiple murders within the commune’s borders, senseless killings by the territory’s armed ‘security’ that could’ve been avoided through putting down the secessionist project.

However, it appears that the recall petition actually opposes Durkan for opposing the activities of the CHAZ, claiming that Durkan was restricting protected political activity within the confines of the commune. The petition accuses Durkan of “endanger(ing) the peace and safety of the community” by allowing the police to “leak false information about fabricated crimes and threats to the media.” The recall also cites a curfew implemented upon the City of Seattle after the anarchists set up their autonomous commune.

Petitioners will need to collect 50,000 signatures in order to bring about the recall election, which is relatively unprecedented in the history of Seattle. It’s quite likely that a sizable population of Seattle residents opposed to the lawless and violent activities of the anarchists will support the recall, an irony considering that its organizers oppose the mayor for refusing to grant the street criminals special privileges.

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