BOLTON: Maduro Might Have ‘Set Up’ His Own Assassination Attempt

National security adviser John Bolton said Sunday that Venezuelan socialist president Nicolas Maduro could have set up his own assassination attempt Saturday in order to score political points against the “Far Right” opposition leader and spark conspiracy theories in his country about American involvement. (RELATED: China and Iran Move Into Western Hemisphere Through Venezuela).

AFP reports: “Maduro pointed the finger at outgoing Colombian President Santos and “the ultra-right wing,” a term he uses to describe domestic opposition, as a mysterious rebel group claimed responsibility.
US national security advisor John Bolton insisted there was “no US government involvement” and even suggested that the incident could have been “a pretext set up by the regime itself.'”

The use of bomber drones at a Caracas military parade Saturday justifies arrests of opposition leaders in the country, according to the Venezuelan government.

The so-called “National Movement of Soldiers in T-Shirts” is not well known in Venezuela, according to reputable sources, but nevertheless claimed responsibility for attacking Maduro’s parade. Maduro’s claim of Colombian government involvement on the day of the Colombian president Santos’ daughter’s baptism was strongly denied by the Colombian government.

Maduro is presently presiding over one of the worst chaotic downfalls of a South American nation in modern times, as citizens stalk zoo animals as potential sources of food and innocent people lay forgotten in dilapidated state-run hospitals.

Here is footage of the attack at the parade, which temporarily froze television coverage:

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